Films with Martin Nachbar

Between 2012 and 2015 the following films were realized in creative exchange with the work of the choreographer and dancer Martin Nachbar:


2015, 2:27 min.

A new piece is rehearsed by several dancers. They appear like shadows on the shining surface of the ballet floor. Out of newly arranged and specifically processed image and sound elements the film is a pictorial-rhythmic visualization of the rehearsal work.

POOL Internat. TanzFilmFestival Berlin 2016
German Short Films in Tehran 2016


Human Animals Dance

2014, 29:45 min., DCP and Blu-Ray, engl. original

a film by Lilo Mangelsdorff
Voice: Dagmar Harrold
Sounddesign: Harald Guhn

with: Martin Nachbar, Jeroen Peeters, Jule Flierl, Coralie Meinguet, Noha Ramadan, Benjamin Polig, Katie Vickers and Moritz Frischkorn
Music: Boris Hauf
Costume: Marion Montel
Postproduction funded
 by Hessische Filmförderung

‘Animal Dances’ originated as a outdoor Solo of Martin Nachbar.   In this film ‘Human Animal Dances’  the Berlin choreographer and his group of international dancers development the group piece “Animal Dances”.


In the process-based development of the choreography, the performers deal with the relationship between humans and animals in a dance-like manner. Their reflections, their feelings and behavior become part of the piece.

The development of the piece is reflected by thoughts of the dancers. Humans are physical beings just like animals and yet very different. And isn’t the dancer on stage like a trained animal and all art is shamanic?
The film is a discourse about the “natural” in the context of cultural coding.

Sguardi Altrove International Film Festival 2015

A Horse’s Dream

2013, 59″ sec
a film by Lilo Mangelsdorff
Choreography and dancer: Marin Nachbar

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“The Clip “A Horse’s Dream” developed during the rehearsal period of Martin Nachbar’s solo-piece “Animal Dances”. Cut in a very reduced way, with documentary distance but filmed with an attentively observing eye, we watch the dancer in the role of a horse discovering an abandoned piece of woodlands surrounded by walls. This arbitrary dancing adoption of animal movements is formulated on a fine line between motoric analysis and a serious and at the same time subtle humorous representation.” 1st Prize CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES 2014

Wenn Pferde träumen

2013, 4:58 min.
A film by: Lilo Mangelsdorff
with Martin Nachbar

Can Horses Dream – or is it the dream of the choreographer?
A longer version of A Horse’s Dream


Flensburger Kurzfilmtage 2013
Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt 2014
Croydon International Film Festival 2014
Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg Vorpommern 2014
Michaelis Galleries University of Cape Town / Kapstadt, Südafrika 2015

The Walk

2012, 28 min.
a film by: Lilo Mangelsdorff

with Martin Nachbar (choreography), and
Boris Hauf, Zoe Knights, Jeroen Peeters, Noha Ramadan, Ehud Darash u.a.

In the dance performance The Walk, Martin Nachbar examines walking as an artistic process.

Together with the audience, the performers leave the theater as the starting point (here Sophiensäle Berlin), go around the block and return to the theater. They perform this path by walking, hopping, running, stumbling etc., enjoying walking in all its physical diversity.