Static Frantic – viral
2021, 11:08 min.
“Static Frantic – viral”, an experimental collage film. Using found footage material processed by scratching and painting, the film captures the mood of uncertainty and isolation in the ‘Corona era’. The basic mood of nothing goes on … more

2021, 2:54 min.
Antics of a ball. Or – an allegory of the caged man in covid times: as with Sisyphus, the ball rolls … more

Monowi Nebraska
2017, 80 min., DCP
In the Midwestern United States, in the north of Nebraska, with its sparsely populated vast landscapes, between prairies and grazing cattle there you can find Monowi, a place  … more

A Journey into the Music of Barbara Heller
2016, 83 min., DCP and DVD
The film draws a very personal portrait of the composer Barbara Heller. Undeterred and wide-awake,  she gives an intimate insight in her creative work … more

Films with Martin Nachbar
Between 2012 and 2015 the following films were realized in creative exchange with the work of the choreographer and dancer Martin Nachbar:
, 2015, 2:27 min
Human Animals Dance, 2014, 29:45 min.
A Horse’s Dream, 2013, 59 sec.
When Horses Dream, 2013, 4:58 min.
The Walk, 2012, 28 min.
… more


Donkey Dog Cat Rooster … and other musicians
2009, 84 min.
A film about making music across all ages and beyond established quality standards – multi-voiced, lively and surprising. We experience the diverse and colorful world … more

See You
2006, 91 min.
The story of deaf Selina gives us an idea of what it means to conquer the hearing world. We accompany Selina’s listening parents on the way they are looking for their child … more

Ladies and Gentlemen over 65
with excerpts of “Kontakthof” von Pina Bausch
2002, 69 min.
„Looking for Ladies and Gentlemen over 65“, that’s how a smal ad starts in a local newspaper of Wuppertal. The background is a new staging … more

Orpheus – A revised story in music and film.
2000, 30 min., in collaboration with Jens Josef
The Orpheus myth transferred into today’s city life in Frankfurt.
… more

Bebuquin. Rendezvous with Carl Einstein
2000, 80 min.
This essayistic feature film follows the tracks of writer, art critic and art theorist Carl Einstein. Thoughts and situations from Einstein’s life are interwoven with scenes  … more

I’ve seen you somewhere …
1998, Beta SP, 3:15 min.
People rush by, everyone has their destination, we do not know it. By manipulating the timeline and creating multiple layers in the digital postproduction  … more

This is Us
1995, 13 min.
Short documentary film with handicapped children during physical education in an Offenbach school.
… more

Once there was a dog
1994, 2:05 min.
A dog is running after a ball. Super-8-Recordings were edited and organized into new rhythmic movements.
… more

Zyklus 1
1993, 5 Min.
The footage was taken using an electronic slit camera and further processed by computer, interwoven with real images and digitally alienated. … more

Happy and …
1989, 44 min.
with Alfred Edel, Cornelia Franke and Moc Thyssen
A cinematic essay about happiness.
… more

Viva aviS
1985, 6 min.
This is a cinematic collage to the sentence of Jean Cocteau “Pictures don’t keep time”.
… more

1984, 5 min., in collaboration with Wolfgang Schemmert.
The video footage was using feedback and a specially developed
… more

Between two Cities
1984, 10 min.
A cinematic train ride or: A reflexion with movement and light.
… more